New big feature: Segments

New big feature: Segments

We have a big new on loyalnow that you need to know.

A new feature: Segments

With the new segment function you can group your clients that have common features and analyze the NPS in a segmented way. This assists in analyzing who your customers are more and less satisfied with. Enabling effective and targeted action.

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An example of how you can use is targeting your clients by industry:
Let’s say you identify which pharmaceutical customers have a NPS of 5, while the rest of your clients have a NPS of 50. You may be failing to serve the pharmaceutical industry compared to the rest of your customer base.

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Segments is fully customizable, here are other ways to use this feature:

Type of plan
If you work with a recurring monthly template by offering plan options to your customers, you can see which plan has the most satisfied and the least satisfied customers.

Job Position
You can also filter by the user’s role using your product, and understand if there is any specific that is dissatisfied or difficult to achieve success with your product.

And if you need other criteria, it’s very easy to set up. And speaking of configure, we have something new. Now you can count on our Installation Guide, where we explain step by step how to let loyalnow running on your application, website or e-commerce. Just click on this link to check it out.

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I understand that behind a happy consumer, there is always a team working hard to make it possible. As an entrepreneur, I want to facilitate and provide ways for companies to deliver an incredible experience for their customers.

Willian Becher – who has written posts on loyalnow.

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