The Responsibilities and Attributes of Customer Success Manager

The Responsibilities and Attributes of Customer Success Manager

Customer success management is a new and important role that is being established. It’s a combination of roles and responsibilities of various departments in a firm to ensure a continuous flow of income from customers. Firms are now concerned about the benefits that customers get after using their products.

A customer success manager (CSM) is concerned with client association retention and optimization. He is valuable to the company and its clients. The CSM must possess some attributes to carry out his responsibilities effectively.

Responsibilities of Customer Success Manager

  • The primary job of CSM is to develop customer relationships that advocate retention and loyalty. He works with clients to ensure that their needs are met and ensures improvement in areas of dissatisfaction.
  • The CSM is responsible for the relationship with the company’s customers. He achieves this by increasing adoption, safeguarding retention and satisfaction of customers.
  • The CSM is tasked with developing a good advisory relationship with clients and ensure continued use of the company’s products by the customers. CSM acts as the company’s face thereby enhancing the good rapport with the customers.
  • The CSM collaborates with clients to develop critical goals. He also helps the clients achieve their aims. He achieves this by actively working with customers to get valuable information.
  • He is tasked with identification and development of upsell opportunities. His close relationship with clients enables him to identify their needs. This makes it easy for him to recommend new products to the clients.
  • The CSM communicates the needs of the customers in different departments in a company. He ensures that the customers’ problems are solved, and delivers the clients’ feedback to the relevant team.

Attributes of Customer Success Manager

  • A CSM must have the capacity to drive the continuous value of the company’s products. He achieves this by understanding the clients’ business, needs, challenges, and goals. By knowing how customers are using the business’ products, the CSM is able to maximize sales.
  • He must know how to work with different clients. Customers are different in the way they present their complaints to the company. The CSM should be able to work with and respond to the needs of the different customers.
  • He should be able to work with customers of all sizes. This means having the capacity to speak individually to each customer, or to a group.
  • He must possess strong communications skills. He should be able to communicate with clients effectively in writing or speaking. Verbal skills are necessary when presenting to a group of customers. Writing skills are essential when communicating with buyers through email or any other written medium.
  • The CSM must be detail oriented and excellent analytical skills. He should have good listening skills and be able to respond to the client’s queries.
  • He must be able to work with others but still be the self-driven. The work of CSM means working with other people in the company in ensuring all customer needs are met.
  • The CSM should be able to work in a multitasking environment and effectively adjust priorities when necessary. His job involves working to meet customer needs and ensure the company makes the best from the clients.

I understand that behind a happy consumer, there is always a team working hard to make it possible. As an entrepreneur, I want to facilitate and provide ways for companies to deliver an incredible experience for their customers.

Willian Becher – who has written posts on loyalnow.

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