How to create an effective satisfaction research

How to create an effective satisfaction research

Satisfaction is the core of any experience, whether it’s with a product or service, and satisfaction research is the best way to identify the sentiment of your clients. High satisfaction levels provide high retention and customer loyalty, besides a new purchase tendency.

High efficiency business tries to create lovely experiences with the intention to keep its customer list and try to open new markets through the Word of mouth.

If you are not convinced that this is the main metric that you should measure, here it follows some statistical results about the index:

  • In one research with 200 senior marketing managers, 71% answered that have the customer satisfaction as the main monitoring metric of the business health. Marketing metrics
  • The price is not the main reason of losing customers, but the low quality level of service provided to the customer. Accenture global customer report
  • In a moment where the competition for customers is getting bigger. the customer satisfaction has become the key for a sustainable growth. The future of business: The Essentials

We already talked her about the importance to measure the customers satisfaction, now it’s time to show how to make an effective satisfaction search.

A simple and very effective way to find out the customers loyalty level is to send a questionnaire model Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS system has as a goal not only measure the customer satisfaction, but also to know if the customer likes your company so much that would recommend it to his friends.

The NPS works starting from the following question:

What is the probability of you recommend the [product/service] to a friend or colleague?

So the customer must rank his answer with a 0-10 grade. After the rating it’s still possible to provide an open field for that the customer can detail the reasons of why he gave this answer. This information can be used as an input for the processes improvement and the product evolution aiming the objection treatment.

The NPS system is objective, fast and easy to use

It’s not necessary be a specialist in statistics to manager the NPS online survey. The model question is based on one idea: find out if your customers like your company enough to recommend it.

The NPS segments and rate your customers

The NPS categorize your customers in three types: Promoters, detractors and Passives. This categories make the customers satisfaction rating easier and to standardize the communication of your company with each profile.

The NPS is awesome to management

Besides helping the company to compare its performance to the concurrence, the Net Promoter Score can be used by the managers to compare the services of many departments. As, for example, to know if the technical services area has a score greater than field services area.

With the NPS system, it’s much easier to use references

The NPS scoring is a metric used worldwide by companies of many sections, this facilitates very much the comparison with concurrent or new markets.

Your score becomes more significant with other score of your section, what facilitates the decision making. For example, if your NPS is 31 but the your section average is 35, you should invest energy to achieve the concurrence. In the same way, if you got 40 points but all of your concurrents have 30, you can use this information to attract new customers.

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