5 Things You Can Do Today To Convert More Customers Into Promoters

5 Things You Can Do Today To Convert More Customers Into Promoters

Word-of-mouth is an effective business promotion tool. It is affordable in that its cost is at zero. Referrals and recommendations from friends and/or relatives play an important role in the purchasing decision of a potential customer. Since they are more persuaded by experiences of the existing consumers than your promotional messages.

Today’s customers are keen and guarded when it comes to making purchases; that means, they are not willing buyers. However, a modern business that aims at achieving a competitive advantage over its competitors through converting more of its customers into promoters can do so by using their alert approach to make them happy to promote your brand by:

  • Sending a short email asking if there is anything you can do

The relationship between a business and its customers does not end when a sale is made. In fact, the sale is the beginning. Keeping interactions after the sale make the customers feel valued. Sending an unexpected short and personalized email that is not promotional can save you on costs while still making the customers feel valued. Customers that feel valued are more likely to share their experiences.

  • Share their blog posts

Over the recent past, the world of consumerism has experienced considerable changes. Now more than ever consumers are seeking and even expecting personalized experiences from their brands. If you are subscribed to your consumer’s newsletter, you will be notified when they have a new blog post. Therefore, make an effort to comment and/or share. When you use a story they have shared and either share something their company does on your social media pages, it creates a sense of interaction. This in return builds a sense of loyalty that unconsciously turns them into brand promoters.

  • Respond quickly to their needs

Businesses exist to meet the needs of their customers. Unfortunately, many businesses tend to overlook this. Customer’s needs could be for a product or a service. Direct your efforts into aerating the value your customers acquire from your products by quickly responding to their needs which could be in terms of processing an order and delivering it, or addressing a concern, and especially at odd times. This tells the customers that the company is dedicated to meeting their needs. Thus making the customers happy, and in return they come back for more, and bring their friends with them.

  • Respond more quickly to emails

Modern day businesses can benefit greatly from an email list. Email list is a great promotion avenue of the exiting products or goods as well as keeping in touch with customers. However, you should not only strive at owning one but also strive at responding to emails and more so where the customer initiates the communication.

Address customers by name, this creates a personal link and increases the likelihood they will pay more attention to what you are offering to them. In addition, strike friendly conversations and where possible avoid sending the same email to a group of your customers.

  • Be honest to your clients

Like any other relationship the business-customer relationship can break or blossom in the presence or absence of honesty. Customer want to know the very truth about the products or services they are consuming. Honesty builds brand trust, which in return builds loyalty.


Existing customers play a huge role in determining the future customers. Their advocacy promotes or destroys brand. The business however, still has the power to use its customer’s knowledge and caution to make them work for its good. Sending short and personalized emails to customers when they least expect them for instance makes the customers feel valued. When you share or comment on their blog post, it creates a sense of interaction. In the same manner, when their needs are responded to quickly, they interpret that as the company’s commitment to maximizing the value they derive from the products or services. The importance of responding to emails in a manner that creates personal link cannot be overstated when converting customers to promoters.

In love for technology and human relations, I believe that joining all of this with entrepreneurship we can change the world of many people. With services and products that approach and solve problems. And in this way create an incredible life experience.

Alisson Medeiros – who has written posts on loyalnow.

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