How to Beat Low Morale and Create Employee Advocates

How to Beat Low Morale and Create Employee Advocates

Employees with low morale lack motivation to be effective at their work. Frequent disciplinary cases, lower returns, quitting, tardiness, poor group cohesiveness, lack or pride in the job and poor performance are the major signs of low employee morale. To ensure that the company does not suffer from the negative effects of low morale, it is necessary to employ measures which will beat the low morale of the employees. The key factor is to focus on cultivating high morale in the organization. Research proven ways will increase employee morale to do their specific jobs.

Employee engagement is the key

A recent study by Gallup reported that 70% of Employees in the USA are disengaged at work. In another study, the Hay Group concluded that the morale can be improved through employee engagement. The Hay Group also state that Engaging the employee can lead to a 30% increase in their performance.

Engagement influences the employees at an individual level then boosting their group performance. Engaged employees create great teams and an efficient workforce. Involve the employees by creating work teams. That way every individual employee has the opportunity to contribute their set of skills in the job.

Impact of employee engagement on the company’s bottomline

By engaging they will recognize that they play a vital role in the success of the organization. Engagement leads to a boost in the companies net income. Contraryto disengagement which has been reorted to cost companies financial loss at the bottom line. Since engaged employees take pride in their work, show team spirit and commitment to the organization, they minimize loses.

How can employee engagement be implemented?

  • Establish good communication channels with the employees.

Let them have a say in the company’s affairs. Communication is involves giving information and listening to what the other person has to say. For instance, allow employees to give feedback before executing new policies that may affect them. A direct approach can be taken through gauging the employee satisfaction levels. Allow them to communicate their grievances and respond to their concerns appropriately basing on how much the company can offer them.

  • Create opportunities for career development.

Forbes’ suggestion is to engage employees by creating opportunities for employees to use their strength and abilities to the full in their jobs. Create seminars or trining workshops for the employees. Engaging the employees will enable the employees to see that the company leads to their career growth hence they will have high morale since the job leads to career advancement. Create an organizational culture of empowerment.

  • Focus on employee competencies.

Commend the employees who do their job well rather than focusing on giving them negative criticism all the time. Criticism at work is important but do not overdo it.Empower the employees by giving them the chance to find out their potentials by assigning them a position that expects them to deliver hence making them have a responsibility.

In all ways that the company will choose to engage their employees they should be consistent in doing so that they engagement can last, keep them interested in the job so that employee disengagement is prevented. The more engaged they are the more commited they will be hence they will have a high morale.

Measuring the level of employee satisfaction

Asking the employees if they are satisfied could lead to dishonest answers. The Net Promoters system of has been used successfully to measure employee satisfaction. Through the NPS companies can assess each department or team leaders. NPS involves carrying out annual surveys among employees and asking for their feedback. Send emails to the employees with links of survey questions. Recent NPS suggests measuring employee satisfaction by categorizing them as promoters, passives or detractors. This is achieved by asking questions that seek to establish whether they can recommend the company to other people.

Employees in company advocacy

Engaging your employees through various channels such as social media and email can give them a chance to feel connected to their job and consequently the company. It will boost their pride in their job if they can be used as ambassadors of the company’s business.

Employees have a high chance of improving awareness of your brand though social media or email. The company can make it easier for employees to be advocates of the company via the use of email to empower them to get involved. For instance creating emails that employees can simply forward to their social circles and rewarding them for doing so.

In sum, employee engagement requires that the leaders connect with the employees, give them a career and communicate clearly.

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