How AI is transforming the customer experience

How AI is transforming the customer experience


Technology is transforming customer experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one technology that is contributing greatly to the transformation. AI has changed the way many companies interact with their customers. This is considered important considering that customer experience is a crucial aspect in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. Customers do not need to watch adverts to learn about a company’s products or services. All the information is available in the internet. Besides, AI has been used to make only the right information available. AI is transforming customer experience through the following ways.

1. Bots

Chatbots are solving customer problems in the internet. Although we cannot replace a human being with an Al bot, we have reached an age where customer problems can be solved through chatbots. Standard customer enquiries that could have wasted customer’s money and time trying to get answers are easily answered through the bots. It is real-time making it easy for customers to make decisions quickly. Some companies have advanced their technology to have chatbots make recommendations for customers.

2. Search engine optimization

Experts have the view that AI optimizes the process whichever it is. Although many understand that search results are processed by a computer through a browser, they do not understand the inner workings. Many of the google results we get are processed by RankBrain, a machine-learning AI system. When customers are searching for information, they are able to get more than they expected because of the system. The information they get cannot be got from marketing or other ways of advertising. Therefore, RankBrain is a good example of how AI is changing customer experiences.

3. The key issue in AI is learning

In the ordinary sales process, customer interaction is considered as an integral part. In this, the customer learns about a company and the services or products they offer. It is usually a learning process that may go through different steps. In AI, it is the same case only that technology offers the interaction process. Information is availed to customers so that they can learn. The information tends to make learning quick because it is based on what is known about the customers. Therefore, the customers learn what they exactly need unlike in ordinary sales processes where customers may be pumped with a lot of unnecessary information.

4. AI fits when you have lots of options

AI offers personalized recommendations. It crunches data and applies a personal touch when interacting with humans. It is able to use data from different sources and accounts to do predicative analytics. Through this, AI makes accurate estimates on customer behavior. Therefore, when you are trying to analyze different options you have, AI will give you recommendations that are evidence-based.

5. The more data, the better

The best part of AI is that it offers a lot of data. It provides data that was once ignored or thrown away. In television or radio adverts, the information provided to customer is little because of time available and the costs that would come with long advertisements. In many cases, customers are left with knowledge gaps when they get data from advertisements. On the contrary, AI offers them with a lot of data making it easy for them to learn and satisfy their knowledge needs about a given service or product.

6. The focus of AI is the user

AI is primarily meant to offer customers with broad information. It improves user experiences and interfaces. Since the primary focus is the user, developers are using the technology to take the experience to a higher level. They are exploring new ways of communicating with customers for instance through text, voice, and graphics. The aim is to make it more holistic.

AI is truly focused on the user as it makes data ‘interactive’ as opposed to the archaic ways where data was ‘read-only’.

7. AI simplifies systems

Consumer apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and eBay are focusing on customer experience. Companies are opening Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to interact with their customers. This simplifies things because the apps that customers use to get information are self-explanatory. Customers will not need any user guide when using the apps. It is further simpler because customers do not have to open an app in order to get information. For instance, they will not to open Facebook and start searching pages for a given company. When they search through their browsers they will be directed to the Facebook page if it has any important information to offer.

The more information you feed your browser with when doing research, the more targeted information you are likely to get. This makes things simpler because you can ask the exact question and get the exact answer without getting other information that may waste your time as you scroll through to get answers.

8. AI knows what really matters to you

AI knows what really matter to you because companies are using the intelligence to gather information. The companies are able to understand what their customers want. Therefore, when they are making their investment in AI-powered business intelligence tools, they will narrow the content to what really matters to their customer.


AI is working perfectly for both customers and businesses. The transformation is making customers get quick and reliable information. It is changing their decision making process. Companies need to learn from this, so that they can make the experiences better.

AI is evolving rapidly. There are new developments that are meant to increase customer experience. Companies need to keep their AI-powered tools updated with the latest developments. Besides, they need to ensure that their primary focus is the customer. This will ensure that the transformed customer experience acts in their favor and increases their competitiveness in the market.

In love for technology and human relations, I believe that joining all of this with entrepreneurship we can change the world of many people. With services and products that approach and solve problems. And in this way create an incredible life experience.

Alisson Medeiros – who has written posts on loyalnow.

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