8 Customer Satisfaction tips and trends for 2017

8 Customer Satisfaction tips and trends for 2017

Looking forward to enhancing your customer satisfaction in the year 2017? Well, you will have to up your game. And yes, this calls for more than just planning. It calls for exploitation of all available platforms and avenues which increase contact with the customers. While utmost customer satisfaction remains at the top of every company’s priorities, it is worth noting that only a few of these companies manage to exploit the available avenues and reap full benefits. Why is it so? While a list of the reasons behind failure of some companies to ensure total customer satisfaction is open for debate and remains a topic of mere speculations, there are some reasons which are obvious. For instance, if a company does not establish a link with their clients; then satisfaction remains a dream that will never come true for them.

Let’s flex muscles and delve into details on 8 Customer Satisfaction tips and trends for 2017:

1. Facebook live to share company news:

Social media has proven quite crucial when it comes to establishing a bond between companies and their clients. Facebook live is one avenue that has provided a direct link between companies and their clients quite effectively. How exactly does this platform enhance customer satisfaction? Well, facebook live provides an opportunity for a company to get real-time information and feedback from their customers concerning their goods or services. This way, a company can make improvements on their products in order to make them perfect for their clients. It is a platform you certainly want to use if at all total customer satisfaction is your 2017’s resolution.

2. Use a NPS software (loyalnow):

Use of Net Promoter Score is yet another amazing trick that can be employed to enhance customer satisfaction. With an ability to detect customer’s concerns and feedback about any product, it is quite effective if at all a company wishes to view what customers have to say about their product. Collecting real-time information across the globe, you can never be wrong for choosing it. And yes, if enhancing customer loyalty and tracking customer sentiments is of any benefit to you, then you need this software. It is certainly a game changer for 2017 that will see your customer satisfaction shoot up ridiculously fast.

LoyalNow is a free NPS platform to learn fast how to engage your customers with actionable feedback.

3. Explore data to identify churn behaviors:

This is yet another important tool for ensuring customer satisfaction in the year 2017. If at all your company cannot account for the number of customers they gain or lose within any particular duration, then it is trading on risky grounds. What is customer churn? This is a data mining technique used to calculate the number of customers lost. It is a trick that can enhance customer satisfaction as companies strive to hold them back

4. Create a slack channel to support your customers:

Use of slack channels is a technique that has proven quite effective when it comes to building customer satisfaction. What does it entail? Slack channel provides a platform for customers to have a direct contact with support team at any particular time. This way, customers can express their dissatisfaction give their recommendations about any particular product. With slack channel providing an organized structure for easy accessibility, customer satisfaction is greatly improved.

5. Use intercom at company website:

Providing one way or two way communication between you and your customers, intercom is definitely a must-have for you. This way, you can engage your customers in healthy communication and discussions which yield important information on how to improve your product. And yes, having an Intercom at your company website gives customers a feeling of security and trust since they believe that their grievances can be handled. This technique has seen those who have used it reap handsomely. Perhaps it is time you also used it for your company.

6. Cross-department alignment to see customer journey:

Employing cross-department technique is yet another important trick for enhancing customer satisfaction. By employing this technique, several departments are strategically positioned to monitor specific aspects but the goal of all departments is always one. This is quite important when it comes to tracking the progress of your customer. It is a trick that should be employed by any company that wishes to have an improved customer satisfaction.

7. Webinars about new products or features:

Webinar which is basically a web-based seminar is also quite crucial when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction. It is a platform which can be used by companies to inform their customers about presence of new products or features. This way, customers stay updated on any changes on existing products or introduction of new ones.

8. Active contact for understand customers:

Establishing active contact with customers is paramount if at all your company is to make it in the year 2017. Yes, establishing contact gives one an opportunity to get information from their customers about any product. This way, a company can make improvements on the product or service.

In a nutshell, as 2017 fast approaches, customer satisfaction ought to be the pillar for better fiscal records. Armed with these tips, it is time you employed them.

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Dambroz J. E – who has written posts on loyalnow.

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